We do not want to be only a supplier of services based only on the principle of sending paper documents and their subsequent processing. We are also aware that the management with no ties to financial management and to preparation of reports containing key indicators of business is nowadays completely inadequate.

In order to satisfy still increasing demands on the automatization of business processes and improve business management tools, it is necessary to continually develop information technology and knowledge of their users. For these reasons, we focus mainly on the development of these technologies and knowledge:

  • system of send nd store electronic documents between the customer and the IG-CZ
  • workflow for documents subsequently added to the accounting records
  • providing us used ERP as SaaS, including the implementation and subsequent support
  • Document Management in DMS
  • use OCR technology for automated data entry into ERP
  • knowledge of working with various ERP systems such as IFS, SAP R3/SAP Hana, INFOR, ABRA, HELIOS.
  • reporting system accessible to users via a web browser (“thin client”)