No business can avoid the obligation account for tax. Due to frequent changes in legislation, it is very difficult for businesses that are not directly involved in tax related issues to be compliant with these changes, and to monitor the impact of legislative changes on permanent basis. As a result, a risk arises of failing to meet tax regulations and high penalties could be imposed if an inspection from finance authority takes place.

Our clients are able to pass this risk onto us. We take great care that you never pay more than you really have to.

We provide the following tax services for our clients:

  • Preparation of tax returns for legal entities
  • Assistance with tax issues related to natural persons
  • Advice on indirect tax
  • Registration / deregistration as VAT payer both inland and abroad.
  • Monthly, quarterly VAT returns and reporting
  • Representation in tax audits
  • Explanation of international tax issues
  • Tax due diligence
  • Transfer pricing